AUDIO MP3: Kodak Black – Jail House Blues

KodakAUDIO MP3: Kodak Black – Jail House Blues

Kodak Black delivers the “Jail House Blues” from behind bars. Give this man his freedom.

Kodak Black was as hot as anyone at the start of the summer, as Lil B.I.G. Pac — one of the year’s essential tapes — dropped soon after he was arrested in May for the second time in a month. He’s been locked up ever since, though in late September, the judge gave Kodak a remaining 120 days, meaning he should be out at the end of next month. It’s not that his buzz has died down — we just miss all of the music. Dubba AA, Kodak’s closest producer, has just shared a new freestyle that the 19-year-old rapper delivered through the jail phone. Though the sound quality is (obviously) rough, it’s clear evidence that Kodak’s hopefully imminent return will be monumental. It sounds like he’s been writing some amazingly heartfelt material over the last five months. The freestyle has been titled “Jail House Blues.”

Though “Jail House Blues” has arrived with artwork that lists Dubba AA as the song’s producer, it’s unclear how he worked on the recording, if at all, as there’s no beat or anything. Nonetheless, the listener can feel Kodak’s presence behind those bars, and “Jail House Blues” is powerful stuff. All of the lines he delivers — which are each punctuated with a melodic moan — relate to his predicament and the forces that led him there.